What if Zomato had a Daru meter?

Hey, let’s go out somewhere to eat. I wanna eat something different today. Where should we go? Simple solution, Fire up your Zomato app and search the nearby restaurant as per location or what you wanna eat. It’s so simple now days. Apps like Zomato, Dineout and Easy diner and Raprika have made it so simple for all us. Zomato for sure leads the Restaurant finder space.

Zomato is like Google today, you can find it in everybody’s phone

Zomato has been user friendly since the time it started. Great and attractive interface with ease of search options for the users. I recently also met some members in Zomato’s team and they were awesome. That’s indeed the reason why they have been so good all through the years and the future looks bright too.

So what did I find great about the Zomato app. There have been some recent changes in the app and it has made it look even better.


The first thing you see after opening the app is this. In current times, Zomato has moved on from just being a listing platform to an Ordering app and Booking table platform too. In addition, one can also subscribe for Zomato Gold membership and Zomato treats. All this info has been beautifully placed without any clutter. Good job done here. Then the collection option below is just great to start searching for the best places to eat nearby.

The blank white space on top in home page still kind of annoys me for some reason but then it’s their design.


What I really love now is the Summary/breakup from the reviews which gives you the best idea not just about the overall rating of the restaurant but also about how people rated its Service, Ambiance (Look & Feel) and Food specifically. That’s a great info coz all such things may be of high importance individually.

All said and done, as a Zomato user I still miss out on something which can surely make it go further in helping its user for searching the best place around them easily.

Here is what will make you start loving Zomato even more!!

A user goes to a Zomato app majorly to check out 3 things:

a. Best restaurants nearby based on their Ratings

b. What is the Menu the restaurant serves?

c. At the end, the decision is confirmed by seeing the Reviews of the place

In addition to this, it would have been great if the Zomato app could have also told me about the Events (Artists, music, special events) happening inside the venue. That info will make my day if I am in a party mood and get prior info about music and event.

So what will make me love the Zomato app even more, here they are:

1. Adding new Tags on top of the venue page

There are top 4 things which should be the part of the venue page. Info, Menu, Reviews and Events. It means that all the important information which I am looking for will be there on top. Then why worry about searching through the page down for the same.

2. DARU Meter of the venue

Think! What if some number can give you a decent idea about how expensive the alcohol is at your favourite venue. What if there was a Daru Meter for each of the Pub, Bars and Lounges?

Beer meter of 6 means that you can buy 6 Pints of Kingfisher beer for Rs 1000 at that venue

3. Waiting times at the restaurant

Tonight you want to go out to Big PitcherTOIT or XU Bar but have no idea how crowded will that place be. What if there can be something which can give you an approximate idea of the waiting times at the venue. That can surely help me make up my decision to go there or not.

Will it affect the venue? Not at all. If it’s a great place, people will go there and also wait. If I love the beer at “The Biere Club” and have to travel to Whitefield even in the traffic, I will go there only and even wait to have it. But if as a customer I can’t wait for long, it gives me the luxury of going to some other place that night. I will come back to the crowded place may be some other day or may be plan for it in advance.

4. Offers at the venue while booking a Table

Zomato gives you the option of booking your table in advance. It helps you avoid the queues at the venue. Although that’s great but it will awesome if Zomato can push some offers to me while booking the table. A 10% off on the bill or may be Happy hours during that time.

Who doesn’t like some good discounts or offers while booking a table at the venue

Dineout, a table reservation app actually does it and yes the offers and discounts are really good there. Zomato can easily do it whenever someone is booking a table from their platform.

The picture below shows you that no offers at all are being given by the Zomato app while Booking a Table.

Zomato has a great team and they have been adding features which have indeed made their users happy all these years. As a user, i would love to have these features come up in their app. Cheers!!

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