Innerchef may have healthy food but it surely needs to be user friendly

Wondering what Innerchef is? It is one among the many providers of healthy foods in the city namely EAT fit GrowfitChef kraftPurple basilHwealth cafe. Rated 3.8 on Play store while 4.6 on IOS, Innerchef surely is grabbing a lot of eyeballs of the healthy food takers.

If you have already started to feel hungry, you can try their food at or simply download their Android app or IOS app and order easily. It comes at a decent price point and i am sure you would be willing to spend a little more on the same too.

Don’t ask why healthy food is expensive, instead ask why junk food is so cheap

We recently had a look at the Innerchef app and found that it surely needs a lot of work to let the users concentrate on the food rather than spending time on the app to figure out the easiest ways of ordering from it. The user experience while surfing the apps may not be good but i am sure the food will make up for that. Here are some of the basic issues we found in the Innerchef app:


This seems to happen with like more than 10% of the users of the app. This was something really shocking, considering its available in like 90% of the app which want to show nearby data. It happened with me too.

It was weird coz it happened with me too so i had to know why it was happening. It was then i realize that Innerchef seems to be the only app on earth which may be detecting the nearest delivery location area instead of your actual location. It was like a Magic happening for users coz the screen would not share this info and the user end up getting pissed in case he is away from the deliverable areas.

See the video: This is how it exactly happens. I am clicking “Pick my location” and instead of Koramangala it selects Indiranagar automatically.

simple solution to this would be to let the location be detected as per actual and in case the area is not covered, let the user know. Check @UberEats, it does the same. As a user, I will be more than happy instead of making me select the order and then telling me and area is unserviceable. You have lost me forever, man!


No, its not 2014 but for some reason Innerchef doesn’t have it. It happens during the sign up purpose. Once you have entered your phone number, it asks you to enter the OTP. There was no automatic detection of the OTP, Shocking!! Be prepared to manually enter the otp for this app.

OTP issue


You are Hungry and hence you to Innerchef app for some healthy option. You select what you

Order selected

want, add the item and Order. OH WAIT! How should I order? I can’t find the Proceed or Next button for the same.

After some effort, you will realize there is an icon of a cart at the bottom of page. By clicking it, you will be able to go to the next page.

It may look like smallest of an issue but to be true its indeed a big one. You want people to checkout easily which isn’t happening so easily currently.

Next/Proceed button will make life simpler for everyone who is ordering. Let the user checkout without having to think for long. Cheers!!


I stay near koramangala so while adding address I want to choose the same or simply use detect my location option.

Once you have selected your product and are ready to order, you will be asked for adding the address. It is at this point that you realize or find out that Innerchef doesn’t deliver in your area at all. By that time, you are pissed for wasting time till now from an app which doesn’t deliver at your place.

Area location

For checking only, I tried using Indiranagar and put down an address too. It does accepts the address but even then won’t let me to Order/Proceed for payments. That looked to me a big issue.

Innerchef is a Tech product but it really seems to be that not a lot of basic tech has been applied on it till date. It needs a lot of refinement.

These were some basic changes but we also see some less priority but surely useful things for Innerchef which are as below

In addition to this, we also found some more things which may not be high on priority but surely can help in improving user experience. These were as follows:

1. Changing position of My favourite icon:

Bring the icon up on the image. Currently it is hidden on below right and is actually kind of invisible for the users.

My fav icon

2. WELCOME mailer could be pictorial:

It currently is one big para with a lot of info. No ones gonna read that. Why not simply tell about Innerchef in steps rather than a para. Use pictures in the steps to make it look beautiful too.

The welcome emailer


It isn’t hard to get this info. It comes directly from the user reviews on the Play store. Reading top 20 reviews, you can figure out that there are lots of “Late deliveries” issue in addition to location detecting issue.

Check out some of them here. The more reviews you read, the more it will become clear. Read All Reviews here.


Our View:

Innerchef is a growing company delivering healthy options to people. “HEALTHY” is in demand now days. Although the demand may be high, but it’s very important to let the users have a smooth experience which starts from opening the app to the awesome food he eats and then tell others also about it. If it is wonderful, no one can stop it to grow bigger but currently it needs help to reach there.

Do share your views about the same. If you are the one looking for healthy food options and happen to try Innerchef or any order similar app, do comment and share the feedback.

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