If you are foodie or a Party lover in India, don’t miss this

Do you live in India or travelling to the country? Are you a party freak and love to go out, eat and try new things in the city? If the answer is yes, why not save some money and earn something on your partying. Sounds good!!

I am a Party freak myself who loves to travel and party a lot. So much that I actually ran a business letting people to discover the best party places in the city. Hence, to let people party, I checked out and experienced hundreds of places in the city. It’s that time when I realize that one can actually save a lot and earn too whenever he/she goes out to party.

Who would say no to a Free Beer or 20% off on bill“. Not me for sure. I am gonna grab it at the first sight.

With the motto of “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” and “Kal Ho Na Ho”, everyone just wants to live the present first rather than living for the future.

Here are some of the apps or websites you must use a lot:


It is one of my favourite Table reservation app. Dineout can help you avoid the long waiting queues at the restaurant and also offer you greatest deals and discounts on your bill. In addition you can pay via their e-wallet Smartpay to get cashback on top of that.

Recently 9 of us went out and I booked it via Dineout. We got a flat 10% off on the bill. Considering it was 5.2k, we received a discount of Rs 500+ which is like awesome.

Download the Dineout app here: Playstore and IOS

Dineout offers

In addition, while booking you can also earn 40 JP miles for each of your booking. Its very simple, just add your Jet privilege number while booking the venue.

2. Booking

Savings & earnings both at the same time; don’t forget the awesome food you had.

If that wasn’t enough, Dineout has recently tied up with a company named “Gourmet passport” which offers you 1500 Buy1Get1 deals in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for just Rs 1999/- annually.

3. Gourmet



The unique part about Eazy Diner is the prepaid deals it offers especially Buffets deals at 5 star hotels. Simply amazing. They seem to have a good tie up with them.

One can book through their mobile app or website and receive some good deals and offers on a la carte and Buffet.

Download the EazyDiner app here: Playstore and IOS

1. Bookings-min

In addition, you can also earn upto 600 JP miles on your first 3 restaurant visits. 

JP earnings-min



It is known as The Stepping out app. Nearbuy does give out good deals in the city. Their deals can actually be good if you are going out in a group and each person can buy it for themselves. Trust me, it may look a little messy but it surely is very light on the pocket.

The only issue with Nearbuy is that it offers deals on very limited places/venues. It can really be an amazing platform for food lovers seeking deals, only if it start listing more places to eat.

Download the Nearbuy app here: Playstore and IOS

Currently, looks like Nearbuy is shifting from discounts to cashback platform which I feel may just let go a lot of their users. But on the other side, you will be earning a lot of cashbacks for your next bookings. Wow!!

Nearbuy Deals-min



One of the biggest platform for discovery of eating outlets in India. From the smallest to the largest, each restaurant will be listed on Zomato. Kudos to their team for doing the awesome work all these years.

Download the Zomato app here: Playstore and IOS

Now comes the table reservation part. The biggest issue here is that Zomato currently doesn’t offer any such deals or discounts on the booking. That’s a big setback for me considering the other platform are giving confirmed booking plus some great deals on top of it. So the big question is, why would i use the “Book a Table” option ever on Zomato. And ya, I may have used the same twice only for an experience. It’s the same.

What really works in favour of Zomato is Zomato Gold!



The day i heard about the service which actually started in Dubai & Abu dhabi, I fell in love with it. The day it arrived in India, i bought the annual membership for Rs 999 only.

Zomato Gold membership offers gives you 1+1 on food and 2+2 on Drinks. Any of the one will be available with the Gold partner. A 12 month membership will cost you Rs 2399/- currently while a 3 month membership will cost you Rs 999/-. Use a referral code PDSI8983 and get 20% off on the same.

The good part is that it works any day, any time, on any dish or any drink! Enjoy unlimited visits at all partner restaurants and bars.



I always wondered that there are some many apps giving deals on a la care and buffets, but what if i am looking to get a food and drinks Group package at my favourite pubs.  This is when i came across Raprika.

Raprika is your party planner. If you are partying in a group be it your friends or a Corporate group, it offers you unlimited 3 hrs F&B packages at your favourite pubs in Delhi-NCR at the best prices. If you are looking to party in a group then you must surely try them once.

No one does it better than them for group party packages.

Rap jp-min



It is time that you went out to eat or party and had a terrific experience. It was light on pocket too this time. Is that it? No.

It is time to earn some more. There are apps and websites which gifts you for adding reviews on their site. So, who is stopping you to put some words about restaurant and earn something.

Here are some of them:


It is one of the largest community of travelers and foodies. If you liked some thing or had a great time at any restaurant or may be give them feedback about their place then do put your review on Tripadvisor.

The review will foremost add to the credibility of the place helping others to try or not try it out. That’s a great deed that you are doing with your review.

Download the Tripadvisor app here: Playstore and IOS

In addition, each review on Tripadvisor gives you 25 JP miles and you can earn max of 1525 JP miles in a month. Doing good does pays you. That’s awesome.

Note: Don’t forget to your Jet Privilege number in Tripadvisor before you start adding your reviews. You can check details here at: https://www.tripadvisor.in/JPMilesCampaign.



One can also review the place on Google maps. Google offers you some perks after reaching at some levels (above 4 or 5) and also on frequencies of your contributions.

I got perks from Swiggy, Ola, Redbus, Google play and many more. So who is stopping you to get these. Start adding your genuine reviews today.

Google maps jp-min

So next time you are looking to party in your city, don’t forget to use these apps to save and earn while partying. If you know of something like this, please do let everyone know so they can be benefited too. Comment and share the article.

The week is about to end, it’s party time. Cheers!!

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