What is Flipkart Plus membership and how will it benefit you?


Flipkart plus is an exclusive benefits program that unlocks more for you every time you shop on Flipkart. Is it really the India’s answer to Amazon Prime subscription which currently offers you faster deliveries, Digital video content along with Prime music?

Let us see what are real benefits of #Flipkart_Plus and how can you subscribe for the same. Don’t forget to read the catch in it.

How can a user subscribe for Flipkart plus? 

The app says “Get the Annual plus Membership at Zero fee“. But is it really free. Yes and No.

Yes. It is free because you are not paying anything upfront for it. No, because you have to shop on flipkart to get it. So, how can you become Flipkart plus member? It’s simple. You can join the same with 50 coins. The next question is how do you get those coins. For that you will have to shop at flipkart.com.

Shop for Rs 250 = Earn 1 coin

Become a Flipkart Plus member when you earn 50 coins and enjoy the exclusive benefits.

What’s the catch here?

Shopping for Rs 250 earn you 1 coin but it is limited to 10 coins per order. So in case you buy a TV worth 25000 and thinking of earning 100 coins for the same, it won’t happen. You will still earn 10 coins only for that order.

TV worth Rs 25,000 will earn you 10 coins only and not 100 coins coz Flipkart is offering Max 10 coins per order.

So, simple solution to earn the membership in least money is to have 5 orders of max Rs 2500 each which will earn you 50 coins. See, just saved you from spending too much.

What benefits do you get as part of Flipkart Plus?

  1. Free delivery – Get free delivery on 3+ crore products, across both FAssured and non-FAssured products.
  2. Fast shipping – Get fasted delivery on select products.
  3. Early Access – Plus customers will get access to select sale events few hours before the sale event
  4. Superior and priority customer support – Members will experience a faster response time during customer support
  5. Exchange coins for offers – Members can claim great offers on shopping, travel & entertainment which includes @Zomato, @Chaipoint, @Bookmyshow, @makemytrip, @hotstar

Is Flipkart plus really an answer to Amazom prime?

I liked the way Flipkart has come up with the idea of earning coins to become a member. Although there is no fee but they are making users to spend atleast 12,500 on their platform which is awesome from Flipkart’s point.

In addition, i also loved the offers being given currently which can be redeemed from your coins. Considering #Game_of_thrones coming in March 2019, a one year #Hotstar membership redeemed from shopping on flipkart is a big bonus. I am looking forward for the same.

Amazon Prime, started with faster (next day) deliveries for prime products which has gone down for a lot of products. It list a lot of prime products with delivery time of 2-4 days. It seems,

As the number of Prime users has gone up, the delivery time has gone up too. Have we gone around the full circle and come up from where we started.

Considering the other offerings from Amazon Prime like Prime_music, Prime_video and early access to deals are great, plus now an added advantage to people of buying Prime membership on monthly basis too @ Rs 129, its really gonna help @Amazon to increase this number. On #TheOtherSide, Walmart_Flipkart has lot to catch up and only time will tell how the fight between the 2 giants of the world will turn up. While they fight, let the customers have all the fun.

What do you think?

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