Paytm just made an awesome advertisement, can’t afford to miss it

Source – Paytm You Tube

Remember Rasode mein KAUN THA? Paytm just made it more awesome. 

Timing and Content are extremely important for a campaign. An ad can be impactful but popularity is achieved when people feel the excitement to Spread it without someone telling them to.

Kudos to the Paytm team for coming up with this ad. KAUN THA created by YashRaj Mukhate became The Talk of the Town and it still going strong.

Paytm used the same in new manner to educate their customer about KYC fraud. Such things stick to the mind and i am sure this shall become popular too soon.

PS: Try asking Amazon Alexa “Rasode mein kaun tha” and i am sure it can make your day.

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