How a simple strategy increased sales for Parle G?

Parle – G is known to 100 crore people in India for sure.

Here is what Creativity can do to each brand. Remember 4P’s in the marketing classes. Let me tell you how Packaging can impact attraction but in this case how it can help in increasing sales too. Its Innovative.

This is Rs 5 packet of Parle Products Pvt. Ltd (Parle G) and goes to both urban and rural India.

SEE THE PACKAGING, you need to tear the packet from the broader side in this one. So how does it matter?

1. If u remember the old packaging, u tear it from top (smaller side), take 2 biscuits, wrap it again and put in the box.

2. But in this one, when u open this HALF of your packet is open already. Hence one is bound to take more biscuits at a time.


Simple. Nice move. Appreciated

What are your thoughts?

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