Baba Ka Dhaba turning into Mess with so many brands fighting for visibility

Baba Ka Dhaba
Baba Ka dhaba is more like a Brand Hanging door

In last few days, you must have come across #BABA_KA_DHABA for sure. Read more how it all started here:

In addition you must have heard about #rheachakraborty too about #JusticeforSSR

After seeing the recent pics of Baba Ka Dhaba, I feel like there ain’t much difference between Media and Companies anymore. Both wants to grab the opportunity & some of them end up overdoing things for their own benefits.

Baba ka Dhaba became a Hanging Door for Brands only than a mere food eating joint

Here are some similarities between the Media and these Branding companies:

1. Someone really felt it from within to give them Justice/Help & started something for good. Thanks to Gaurav Wasan in the Dhaba case while loads of Media channel came forward in SSR case.

2. A few more joined hands to support them (the motive is still good till now); PepsiCo put up the Brand board while Zomato said to have started deliveries. In SSR’s case; you know it already.

3. After few days of craze going down, someone had to keep it alive so Celebrities/politician start visiting the Dhaba; Top TRP channel in the other case started to keep the SSR case alive.

4. Paytm, Mobikwik, Airtel Payments Bank joins the branding race at BKD; Few more channels started TRP channel for Support for SSR

5. You start seeing some random brands sticking their logo on top of other logos. Seems a fight has started to be seen here; who cares about the cart its the publicity they want. You already know what happened to the victim in SSR case; not guilty but who cares what they did in last 1 month

6. Future: With no more masala left for everyone, Mr Kanta Prasad (Baba’s real name) will be going through same old life with No one to care. The Dye was cast and with no usage in future, it will be left alone just like other useless things.

What you may see though is someone coming forward saying “I am opening Franchise for BabaKaDhaba” & start earning in the name.

It’s the time opportunity which everyone seeks. I am not saying its wrong but then some people start overdoing it which makes it a Mess. That need to be stopped.

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